Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board

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About industry classifications and assessment rates

How do assesment rates work?

The workers’ compensation system is funded by employers. The amount an employer contributes is based on the assessment rate associated with the employer’s rate group and the employer’s total assessable payroll.

Our Board of Directors reviews industry classifications and assessment rates every year, adjusting them as necessary.

Can an employer opt out of workers’ compensation?

Employers who operate in Yukon for more than nine days are required by law to participate in the workers’ compensation system administered by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Section 2 of the Workers’ Compensation Act states, “This Act applies to all employers and workers in all industries.” Section 3 defines employer as “every person, partner, firm, association, organization, or corporation having in their service one or more workers in an industry.”

What do employer assessment premiums pay for?

Employer premiums pay the costs of operating the workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety systems and compensate injured workers by, for example, paying their lost wages, covering their health-care and rehabilitation costs and providing return-to-work support.

What are the current industry classifications and assessment rates?

You can find our current rates here.

How can an employer pay lower assessment premiums?

In the long run, the best way for employer to reduce their assessment premiums is to improve safety practices and reduce workplace injuries.

A more immediate way to lower costs is to participate in the CHOICES incentive program. The program provides rebates to employers who provide eligible safety training to their workers.