Optional Coverage for Municipal or First Nations Officials

Optional Coverage for Municipal or First Nations Officials

Effective Dates

December 31, 2006 - June 30, 2008

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General Information

The Act may be extended to provide the protection and benefits of the workers' compensation system for certain persons who are not automatically workers under the Act. This is done upon the board's acceptance of an employer's application for optional coverage.

Once granted, optional coverage is then extended:

(i) to the employer and to the worker for immunity from civil suits resulting from workplace disabilities; and,

(ii) to the worker for the comprehensive benefits provided by the workers' compensation system as established by the Act and relevant policies.


The objective of this policy is to establish the conditions of optional coverage that will be in effect for an elected official of a municipal council or an elected or appointed official of a First Nation, deemed as their workers under this policy.

Roles and Responsibilities


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