Loss of Earnings Benefits

Loss of Earnings Benefits

Effective Dates

February 26, 2002 - June 30, 2008

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General Information

Loss of earnings benefits shall be determined based on the average weekly earnings of an injured worker. The Workers' Compensation Act states the average weekly earnings shall be calculated based on such sources of earnings over such period of time as the board considers fair and just. This policy shall provide the methodology to be used in the calculation of loss of earnings benefits.

Average Weekly Earnings

December 30, 1999 - February 26, 2002 | CL-35 | Claims

Average Weekly Earnings Policy Statement Application

February 11, 1997 - August 29, 2001 | CL-35 | Claims

Average Weekly Earnings

December 31, 1992 - December 30, 1999 | CL-35 | Claims