Medical Examination or Evaluation

Medical Examination or Evaluation

Effective Dates

September 30, 1995 - June 30, 2008

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General Information

The WCA states the board may require a medical examination, medical evaluation or independent medical examination of a worker who has suffered a work-related disability. The purpose of the examinations and / or evaluation is to provide the board with information required to ensure appropriate adjudication of a claim. Examinations or evaluations should respect the worker's privacy and be minimally intrusive.

The board shall inform and involve the worker in treatment decisions.

All claims decisions are appealable to the Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Required & Independent Medical Exams and Other Evaluations

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The WCA makes a distinction between a required medical exam or other evaluation and an independent medical exam or other evaluation.

Required and/or independent examinations/evaluations are needed for adjudicative, case management, review and ap


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Release of Claims Information to Employers

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The Workers' Compensation Act recognizes that employers who have employees receiving compensat

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Pre-Existing Conditions

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