Worker, Attendant and Witness Travel

Worker, Attendant and Witness Travel

Effective Dates

December 31, 2015 and still in effect

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General Information

Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB) occasionally requires injured workers to travel to receive health care and other rehabilitation services.

YWCHSB or the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal) may also require an injured worker to travel to attend a required medical examination or other evaluation, and may require a witness to travel to attend an appeal hearing.

YWCHSB recognizes that there are times when workers who are required to travel for health care and rehabilitation services also need to be accompanied by an attendant to help them to manage the effects of their work-related injury.

When YWCHSB or the Tribunal requires a person to travel, YWCHSB shall pay their approved travel expenses in accordance with this policy.


This policy provides direction to YWCHSB on the payment of travel expenses for injured workers, attendants and witnesses.

When an injured worker is required to travel to receive health care or other rehabilitation services, the main objective of decisions made under this policy is to promote the injured worker’s recovery and return-to-work. The most cost effective travel and accommodation options are covered by YWCHSB, provided that they are suitable given the worker’s injury.

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