Mitigation of Loss

Mitigation of Loss

Effective Dates

June 30, 2012 and still in effect

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General Information

The Workers Compensation Act S.Y. 2008 (the “Act”) is administered by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB) and provides an employer-funded system of no-fault insurance to workers in return for giving up their right to sue their employer in the event of a work-related injury. The intent of the Act is to ensure that workers receive rehabilitation and other benefits that are necessary to assist in their recovery and return to work. As an integral part of the recovery and return to work team, injured workers are responsible to co-operate and participate with maximum effort, that is, to mitigate their loss as a result of the work-related injury.


The purpose of this policy is to:
a) explain a worker’s legislated responsibilities under the Act to reduce or eliminate any work-related impairment and/or loss of earnings to the greatest extent possible, and to act in a manner that is consistent with recovery and
early and safe return to work; and
b) provide direction that will assist workers, who are failing to mitigate their loss, to meet their legislated responsibilities.

Suspension, Reduction and Termination of Benefits

May 9, 1994 - June 30, 2008 | CL-30 | Claims

In limited circumstances, the board is permitted to suspend, reduce, or terminate compensation that is payable to a worker or his/her dependants.

Any decision made pertaining to the suspension, reduction or termination of compensation may be app

Mitigation of Loss

December 31, 2009 - June 30, 2012 | RE-03 | Return to Work

Mitigation of Loss

June 30, 2008 - December 31, 2009 | RE-03 | Return to Work

Merits and Justice of the Case

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Subsequent Disorders or Conditions Resulting from a Work-Related Injury

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Return to Work - Overview

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