Psychological health and safety courses

The Board has partnered with the University of Fredericton (UFred) to offer psychological health and safety in the workplace programs to Yukon workers and employers at a 70 per cent reduction from regular tuition.

Who are the courses for?

All Yukoners. Psychological health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, which is why UFred developed four programs that cater to employees at all levels of career progression.


You can learn more about the partnership and sign up for the courses through the University of Fredericton

About the Courses

The programs aim to teach participants how to assess and address issues that have an impact on the psychological health and safety (PH&S) of employees, as well as understand PH&S concepts and their roles in keeping their organizations psychologically safe and healthy.

Basic - $172.50 (regular $575) 1 course, 2.5 hours

Applicable to learners and employees of all levels and abilities, the basic certificate consists of an introductory course designed to bring organizations up to speed on their roles in maintaining a psychologically healthy workplace.

Manager and supervisor - $517.50 (regular $1725) 3 courses, 6.5 hours

This certificate is suitable for those in management roles who support employees experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues. It includes the introductory course, and then shifts focus to in-depth learning on key principles and considerations for managers in supporting employees with mental health issues, as well as enhancing emotional intelligence skills in managing emotionally distressed employees.

Advanced - $862.50 (regular $2875) 5 courses, 50.5 hours

Designed for organizational leaders implementing workplace health and safety management systems, this certificate program is suitable for those working in supervisory positions within occupational health and safety units, HR departments, or any other department responsible for implementing an organization’s overall health strategy. In addition to the introductory course, it provides a solid knowledge base for how to plan, implement and evaluate PH&S programs in the context of the national standard.

Enhancing Workplace Resiliency - $89.70 (regular $299) 1 course, 2 hours

This certificate program is suitable for everyone, from frontline workers to CEOs. Everyone can benefit from learning strategies and skills that help you become more resilient, like effective coping mechanisms and strategies that lead to more productive and well-balanced lives.

The benefits of psychological health and safety education 

Mental health improves productivity

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one out of five Canadians will suffer from a mental health issue in any given year, and half a million are absent from work every week due to mental illness. The estimated cost to Canadian employers is $6 billion. Early action to combat stress and early identification of mental issues can decrease losses to productivity by 30 per cent.

Professional Development

The program gives you the skills and knowledge needed to implement the National Standard of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace within an organization in a practical way, while also adding valuable tools to your HR arsenal and enhancing your employee value proposition.

UFred’s partnership with Dr. Joti Samra

The PS&H courses were developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Joti Samra, a national thought leader on issues relating to psychological health, wellness and resilience. Dr. Samra is a member of the Technical Committee that developed the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. The framework of this standard serves as the focus of the PH&S programs.

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