Yukon Health Care Provider Application

Workers’ Safety and Compensation’s (WSCB)  mandate is to prevent disability.  We work in close partnership with health care providers to help workers injured on the job, recover and stay at work and/or get back to work.  Health care providers who wish to support the recovery of these workers and work with the board, are required to enter into a service agreement with us.  Please complete and submit the on-line Health Care Provider Application form.  

We strongly recommend that all health care providers read and become familiar with Sections 63 Medical Reports, Sections 111 Health Care Assistance and Sections 113 Health Care Reports, of the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act, since they form the legal basis of our relationship with you.  Policies 3.8 to 3.18, Medical Benefits found on our website, will also assist in understanding how we work together to ‘facilitate an injured worker’s early and safe return to health and work.’

WSCB has standardized rates for each health care profession.  Liability insurance, general commercial insurance and WSCB coverage are requirements to provide services to our injured workers.

This information is being collected for the purposes of administering and enforcing the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act and is collected under the authority of that Act and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please contact the Privacy Officer at WSCB at the above listed address or at (867)667-5645 or 1-800-661-0443.

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