Fines and penalties

It’s everyone’s responsibility to follow safe work practices.

Safety officers can issue administrative penalties against an employer, owner, supervisor, supplier or worker for contraventions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Those who do not comply with OHS Regulations contribute to more workplace injuries. This results in increased costs to the system and, consequently, to all employers, including those who are following safety regulations.

Employers have told us they want to see a greater incentive for their competitors to not cut corners on safety.

Those employers, supervisors, workers and other workplace parties who receive penalties are named in the fines and penalties report. However, if a business is in compliance but one of its supervisors or workers receives a penalty for an infraction, only the industry is named. This prevents any negative impact on a business that is in compliance.

OHS fines and penalties, 2015 to present

We publish this report of OHS infractions on this website to encourage employers, supervisors and workers to improve adherence to safe work practices.


Base amounts for administrative penalties

The following table describes the base amounts for OHS administrative penalties.

Violation Employer Supervisor Worker
Low to Medium $1,000 $250 $50
High $2,500 $750 $150


If you commit an offence under the Act, you may be subject to prosecution and potential fines and imprisonment. 

Fines for a first offence can be up to $150,000 and in the case of a continuing offence, a further fine of $15,000 per day. For a second offence the fine can be up to $300,000 and in the case of a continuing offence, a further fine of $25,000 per day. Imprisonment varies and can be up to 36 months.