A work-related injury is an injury that arises out of and in the course of employment. You can see the full definition in Policy 2.1 Arising Out Of and In The Course Of Employment. If a worker is injured at work, they should seek medical attention immediately, if required. 

Injured workers do not need to report their injury to WSCB but they must report the details of their injury to their employer. 

Employers must report all work-related injuries to the board if the injury results in, or is likely to result in, time off work beyond the date of the injury or medical attention beyond first aid at the workplace. All injuries must be recorded by employers.

A report of injury/illness form must be provided to the board within 3 days of when the employer receives information or notice of the injury.

In addition, an employer must report all serious incidents or injuries/deaths at the workplace, as defined in section 57 of the Workers' Safety and Compensation Act, to the board immediately. If an employer fails to report a serious injury immediately, the employer may be subject to an administrative penalty or prosecution under section 170 of the Act.

If a worker wishes to file a claim for compensation, they should read the information and complete the form on our claims process page. If their claim is specific to hearing loss, they should follow the process for hearing loss claims.

It is an offence under the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act for anyone to discourage a worker from making a claim for compensation.

Psychological injury claims

The Workers' Safety and Compensation Act recognizes psychological injuries just as it does with physical injuries or illnesses. 

Find out more about psychological injury claims.

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