Notice of Project

Working with asbestos or lead

If your project involves working with asbestos or lead, you must contact our Workplace Health and Safety Branch before doing any work. We want to talk to you about the project and your plans, which we have to approve before you proceed.

Radiation equipment

If you are working with radiation equipment, you must inform us.

Use this form: Form A Notification of Ownership of Radiation Equipment


If you are in a diving operation requiring decompression, you have to provide a notice of project.

Use this form: Notice of project: diving

Opening or mothballing a mine

If your project falls into this category, you must let us know so we can assess your plans.

Use this form: Notice of project: surface mines and projects

Use this form: Notice of project: underground mines and projects


If you are planning a forestry project, let us know.

Use this form: Notice of project: forestry

More information

Contact us with any questions.