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Optional Coverage is for people not automatically covered through the workers' compensation system. This includes proprietors, partners in a partnership and elected or appointed officials of a Yukon First Nation. If you are injured at work, Optional Coverage is paid at the lesser of 75 per cent of either your gross earnings or the coverage you have in place at the time of injury.

Who can apply

You can apply for Optional Coverage if you're

  • a proprietor,
  • a partner in a partnership, or
  • a Yukon First Nation for elected or appointed officials

You aren’t eligible for Optional Coverage if you're an owner of an incorporated business and you work for that business.

When coverage starts and ends

We need to approve your application before your coverage can take effect.

Optional Coverage ends either automatically on the later of December 31 or on the date you specified in your application, whichever is the earliest.

How to determine coverage amount

It is important to base the coverage you purchase on your proven earnings. We use this amount to determine the compensation you will receive in the event of a work-related injury or illness. You can purchase coverage up to the maximum wage rate for the calendar year.

You must provide proof of earnings if you get injured. We accept these documents as proof of earnings:

  • A Statement of Business or Professional Activities as submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • A declaration from a chartered professional accountant (CPA) verifying actual employment earnings.

If your proof of earnings shows less than the amount of coverage you have purchased, we will base your loss of earnings benefit on the lesser amount. We will not give you a refund on your assessment premiums, so please make sure you choose an amount that is no more than your earnings that you can prove.

The compensation rates table (below) shows the estimated loss of earnings benefit you would receive if injured based on the amount of coverage you purchase.

Compensation rates table

Annual coverage amount Approximate bi-weekly loss of earnings benefit
$10,000 $383
$22,800 $880
$30,000 $880
$40,000 $1,150
$50,000 $1,438
$60,000 $1,726
$70,000 $2,013
$80,000 $2,301
$90,000 $2,589

What the benefits are

Once your Optional Coverage is in place, if you are injured at work and your claim is accepted, we will provide benefits to you. See the section “Receive benefits and services for accepted claims” on The claims process page.

How much coverage costs

The cost of Optional Coverage varies based on the amount and duration of coverage you purchase, and the industry you’re in. The minimum annual premium is $150.

For a photographer, your industry rate $1.67.

  • If you apply for annual coverage of $25,000 for the entire year, we calculate the cost of your coverage as $25,000 x $1.67/$100 = $417.50.
  • If you work March to October only, you can get coverage for that period. We calculate the cost of your coverage as $25,000 x $1.67/$100 ÷ 365 days x 245 days (Mar. to Oct.) = $280.23.

It’s important that the amount of coverage you purchase is based on your actual employment earnings. This is because we use the amount of coverage to calculate how much you will receive if you're injured at work.

If your income is higher than the maximum wage rate amount, you should take out additional private insurance to cover the excess not covered by us.

When coverage is cancelled

Once your Optional Coverage is in place, it remains in effect until you or we cancel it (or until it automatically ends on December 31 or on the date you specified in your application).

If you wish to cancel, let us know by completing and submitting the Cancellation of Optional Coverage form. We may cancel your coverage if you fail to pay your premiums on time.

Once it’s cancelled, you will need to re-apply if you wish to take out coverage again.

How to apply for coverage

Complete the Optional Coverage Application form, then print and sign it, and either send it to us by email, fax, mail or in person, or submit it using our secure online system (see below). We will review your application and get back to you.

To submit a scanned copy of your application form online:

  • Open the file drop page.
  • In the From field: enter your email address.
  • In the Subject field: enter a basic description of the file you are uploading.
  • In the Message field: add any special instructions you wish to provide. This step is optional.
  • Upload your file: drag and drop the file into the Drop Files Here window or manually add the file with the green Add Files button.

More information

Please contact us with any questions.