Directors' coverage

Directors of corporations:

  • are considered workers under the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act and corporations must pay for their directors' compensation coverage; and 
  • receive coverage based on their average earnings in accordance with the Act and Policy 3.1, Loss of Earnings Benefits. Earnings include salaries, wages, tips, commissions, bonuses, allowances or directors’ fees; dividends are not considered earnings.

A director can apply to the board to be deemed a non-working director. A director is considered non-working if that director:

  • is not active in the operations of the corporation’s business or subject to the hazards of that industry; 
  • is not performing any work for the corporation while acting in their capacity as a director in Yukon (no directing, negotiating, influencing or decision-making affecting work, and no visits to the corporation’s worksites to perform services for the company);
  • does not receive any earnings as payment for work performed for the corporation; and
  • does not receive a T4 or T4A from the corporation (except for fees related to attending annual general meetings and other incidental duties as a director).

A non-working director may attend the corporation’s annual general meeting, perform infrequent banking or regulatory filings and still be considered non-working.

If the board deems a director as “non-working”, then that director is not entitled to compensation benefits in the case of a work-related injury and the corporation and non-working director do not have immunity from civil law suits arising from work-related injuries.

Apply for this exemption by completing our Director’s Exemption Application form. For these exemptions, you have to renew your application every year.

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