Health care providers

We work in close partnership with health care providers to help workers injured on the job recover and get back to work. Health care providers who wish to support the recovery of these workers and work with the board, are required to enter into a service agreement with us. Please complete and submit the on-line Health Care Provider Application form.  

The information on this page will help you understand this relationship, including the obligations you have as a health care provider and the supports we provide.

If you have questions or require more information, call our Claimant Services Branch at 867-667-5645.

Your obligations

As a health care provider, you have an important role to play in the care of workers who have suffered a work related injury. You also have legal obligations. They include:

·         providing information and advice to file an application for compensation;

·         reporting your treatment of a work-related injury to us within 2 days;

·         delivering progress reports of your treatment to us as we require;

·         reporting to us when a worker is able to return to work, and;

·         delivering information about a worker to us as we require.

You’ll find more information about these obligations, and related penalties, in the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act. To help you access the relevant sections of the Act, we’ve excerpted them at the end of this page.


We have a number of policies that define the details of our relationships with health care providers. We encourage you to read the policies that pertain to you.

  • 3.8 Overview: Provision of Health Care Assistance

  • 3.9 Safe Use of Medications

  • 3.10 Physiotherapy

  • 3.11Chiropractic Treatment

  • 3.12 Therapeutic Massage

  • 3.13 Activities of Daily Living

  • 3.14 Alternative Treatment

  • 3.15 First Nations or Inuit Traditional Healing

  • 3.16 Psychological Treatment

  • 2.6 Hearing Loss

  • Schedule A Fee Structure (Hearing Claims)


Health care providers working with the board may need to use the following forms, which can be found on our forms page.

  • Appendix 1 - Barriers to return to work

  • Dentist's first report

  • Doctor’s First Report

  • Doctor’s Progress Report

  • Functional Abilities Form

  • Physiotherapy Discharge Report

  • Physiotherapy Initial Assessment Report

  • Physiotherapy Progress Report

  • Prior approval request (Hearing claims)

  • Psychological Functional Abilities Form

  • Psychological Initial Assessment Report

  • Psychological Progress Report

  • Assistive Device

  • Service Provider Report (Hearing Claims)

  • Chiropractor’s First Report and Assessment

  • Chiropractor’s Progress Report

  • Chiropractor’s Discharge Report

  • Massage Therapy Report

Sections of the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act relevant to health care providers

We strongly recommend that all health care providers read and become familiar with the following sections of the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act, since they form the legal basis of our relationship with you.

Medical reports

63 A health care provider who performs or supervises a medical examination of a worker that is required under section 62 must provide the board with any medical reports that the board may require for the purposes of the Part or the regulations.

Health care assistance

111(1) The board may provide a worker with health care assistance, including services, devices or equipment, that is necessary to grant relief from a work-related injury.

(2) All questions as to the necessity, character and sufficiency of any health care assistance are determined solely by the board.

(3) The board may contract with health care providers, health care facilities and other persons, on any terms and conditions and for any fees that the board may establish, to provide the following:

(a) health care assistance to any worker;

(b) health care reports to the board.

(4) When the board provides assistance to a worker under this section, no action lies against the worker, their employer or any other person for payment in respect of the assistance.

(5) The board may pay a worker a subsistence allowance if the worker

(a) is receiving health care assistance when they are away from their ordinary place of residence; and

(b) has living expenses that are not being paid by the employer.

(6) The board may pay for any special expenses that are related to a work-related injury.

Health care reports

113(1) A health care provider who attends a worker who has or may have suffered a work related injury must

(a) provide reasonable information and advice, free of charge, to the worker about filing a claim for compensation;

(b) send a report to the board within two days after their first attendance on the worker; and

(c) send progress reports to the board as the health care provider considers appropriate, or as the board may require from time to time.

(2) All reports that are submitted by health care providers to the board are the property of the board.

(3) Payment by the board to a health care provider is not in itself evidence that a claim for compensation has been accepted.


 170(1) A person commits an offence if the person:

(a) contravenes or does not comply with a provision of this Act or the regulations; or
(b) does not comply with an order or decision of the board made under Part 3.

170(6) If a corporation commits an offence under this Act, each director or officer of the corporation, or other individual who controls the operations of the corporation, who authorized, permitted or acquiesced in the offence also commits an offence and is liable to the same penalty as if they committed the offence committed by the corporation, whether or not the corporation is prosecuted or convicted.