Health and safety programs

How to set up a program

A health and safety program is a plan of action designed to prevent injuries and occupational diseases.

With some simple steps, you can set up a basic health and safety program that will focus your operation on safety, preventing injuries and saving lives.

  • Establish a health and safety policy.
  • Set up a clear, easy system for reporting injuries and incidents.
  • Put safe work practices in place.
  • Improve training for your workers (make sure they get any training specified in the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act and Regulations, including Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training).
  • Set up a health and safety committee or identify a health and safety representative.

We also have a more detailed guide to setting up a health and safety program.

How to write policies and procedures

  • Involve your workers or your health and safety representative/committee in drafting.
  • State your commitment to occupational health and safety. This will guide your safety program, and put safety alongside your other business principles.
  • State your commitment to cooperate with workers on health and safety concerns.
  • Identify responsibilities for health and safety: your own and those of your supervisors and workers. Include contractors brought onto the worksite in this collective responsibility.
  • State your health and safety goals and outline what you will do in support of the goals.
  • Make sure the policy is signed and dated by the highest level of management.
  • Post the policy in a prominent place—physically or electronically.
  • Review the policy each year and update it as necessary.

Personal protective equipment and specialty clothing

As the employer, you must provide your workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialty clothing, gloves and footwear, as required. You must also train workers in using, maintaining and storing PPE.

Your workers must use PPE as directed by you or their supervisor.

More information

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