Outside Yukon coverage

As a Yukon employer, you want your workers to be covered every day, no matter where they’re working.

In certain situations, your workers are covered when they leave Yukon to work. In some cases, this coverage is automatic; in others, you have to request it.

Coverage by us does not replace the coverage requirements of the jurisdiction in which your workers will be working. It’s important that you check with the other province, territory or country to determine those requirements as well.

You can find links to every Canadian board on the homepage of the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada.

Working elsewhere in Canada

When your workers work outside Yukon but within Canada, they may be covered by us for up to 12 months. The criteria are set out in the Workers’ Compensation Act and Policy EA-14:

  • Your worker must meet the definition of worker under the Act; and
  • You must meet the conditions and criteria set out in section 7 of the Act (you can also find them in the policy).

If their work extends beyond 12 months, you must apply to us and request an extension.

Working outside Canada

If you are planning to send workers outside Canada to work for you, you must apply to us for coverage for those workers.

Be sure to begin investigating coverage as soon as possible. It may take us up to 30 days to reach a decision on your application.

Use our Application for Extended Coverage Outside Canada form to make this request.

Further information

For more information about coverage outside Yukon, please refer to our policy, Coverage for Workers Outside Yukon.

If you have further questions, contact us.