Right to refuse unsafe work

Everyone who works in a workplace is responsible for safety: your employer, your supervisor and you.

As a worker, if you have a safety concern on the job, point it out and report it immediately to your supervisor or your employer. They should investigate the matter immediately.

As a worker, you have the right to refuse unsafe work without being disciplined by your supervisor or employer.

Steps to follow when work might be unsafe

Step 1: Report the unsafe condition or procedure

You must immediately report the unsafe condition to a supervisor or employer.

Supervisors or employers must investigate the matter and fix it if possible. If the supervisor or employer decides your concern is not valid, that must be reported back to you.

Step 2: If you still view the work as unsafe after a supervisor or employer has said it is safe to perform a job or task

Supervisors or employers must investigate the problem and ensure any unsafe condition is fixed.

This investigation must take place in your presence (as the worker reporting the problem) along with a worker representative of the joint health and safety committee. If there is no safety committee, you can choose to have the worker health and safety representative if any, or another worker chosen by you present at the investigation.

Step 3: If you still view the work as unsafe, notify us

If the matter is not resolved, you and the supervisor or employer must contact us. A safety officer will then investigate and take steps to find a workable solution.