About us

Welcome to the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board. Our organization is funded by assessment premiums from Yukon employers and investment income. Our job is working with employers and workers to prevent disability.

We do that by promoting workplace safety through training, inspection, compliance and investigations, and by providing compensation, service and support to Yukon workers injured on the job.

Our Board of Directors is balanced, made up of equal numbers of appointed members representative of workers and employers. Together, they make decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders. The board-managed fund covers the costs of workplace prevention initiatives and of compensating injured Yukon workers and their families, sometimes for decades.

In return for no-fault compensation, workers have given up the right to sue their employers and coworkers for injuries they suffer on the job. The annual assessments charged to employers reflects the cost of providing this compensation to Yukoners injured on the job.

The human and financial cost of such injuries is enormous. In the face of that, preventing those injuries is a bargain. Injuries drive up the board’s costs – and the board recovers those costs directly from employers through assessment premium rates. Similarly, when injuries decline, so do rates. So safety pays dividends, literally and figuratively.

We all share responsibility for safety – employers, supervisors and workers. Identifying hazards and dealing with them doesn’t lie outside the job. It is the job.

We take it seriously. And so should you.