Hearing loss claims

If you experience sudden or gradual onset hearing loss that you believe is work-related, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. 

Gradual onset hearing loss

You may apply for compensation benefits for gradual onset hearing loss if you meet the following criteria. 

  1. You have noise-induced hearing loss of at least 25 decibels in each ear, confirmed by an approved hearing test.
  2. You have worked in the Yukon with either
    • two or more years of exposure to continuous hazardous noise, or 
    • five or more years of exposure to intermittent hazardous noise.

If you wish to apply for compensation benefits, you have one year to apply starting from the earliest of the following two dates:

  • the date of your hearing loss diagnosis, or
  • the date when you missed work due to the hearing loss.

How to apply for compensation benefits for hearing loss

Application for compensation benefits

Fill out the Application for Compensation Benefits form for hearing loss. 

Employment history

If you apply for compensation for gradual onset hearing loss, we need a record of your employment history from Service Canada. We use this information to confirm you worked around noise in the Yukon for the specified number of years. (If you have sudden onset hearing loss, we don’t need your employment history from Service Canada.)

You can request your employment history using this letter Request to Service Canada for Employment History; it includes the Service Canada address you should send the letter to.

Please note, it can take up to four months for Service Canada to return your employment history to you. To avoid any further delays in your application, please send us your employment history as soon as you receive it.

Once we receive your employment history, we will process your application for compensation.

More information

See Policy 2.6 Hearing Loss.