Application for Compensation Benefits - Hearing Loss


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This form is an application for compensation benefits for hearing loss.

If your hearing loss occurred over time, a record of employment history is needed to verify that your Yukon employment history meets the criteria in the policy. Please complete and mail the "Request Template” found at this link: Request to Service Canada for Employment History.

Please note, it can take up to 4 months for Service Canada to return your employment history. In order to avoid any further delays in your claim, please submit your employment history to the board, as soon as you receive it.

Worker Information

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Employment Information

What is your job title, what do you do?

Work-related injury information

If you received medical attention outside of the Yukon, please provide the name, city and province of that medical office

Signature, consent and declaration

Please ensure that your Service Canada employment report and a copy of your hearing report are submitted once you have them.