Effective Dates

April 30, 1995 - July 11, 2005

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General Information

Under the Workers' Compensation Act section 28.(1) states;

The board may provide a worker with any medical aid, including services, devices, or equipment, necessary to grant relief from a work - related disability; further section 28.(3) states;

The board may contract with medical practitioners, nurses, hospitals, and other professionals and institutions for the provision of medical aid to any worker who is entitled to compensation.

Acupuncture has been defined by the Yukon Medical Council as a medical procedure regardless of the method used and is considered to have a valid role in the management of patients with selected pains and syndromes.

Pre-Existing Conditions

March 31, 1994 - December 31, 2007 | CL-47 | Policies prior to July 1, 2022

The Workers' Compensation Act states that a worker is eligible for compensation benefits if they have suffered a work-related disability that arises out of and in the course of employment. A worker may be entitled to receive loss of earnings benefits, m


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