Exemption from Management Board Directives

Exemption from Management Board Directives

Effective Dates

January 1, 1993 - March 7, 2005

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General Information

Management Board Directives are policies internal to government and control activities such as travel, office space, contract tendering, accounting policies, budgeting, and the establishment of staff positions. The Workers' Compensation Board has historically been subject to all Management Board Directives.

During the development of the new Workers' Compensation Act, it became clear that the public desired greater independence of the Board from government. Although the Board did enjoy an arms-length relationship from government, the fact that it continued to be subject to Management Board Directives was a cause for concern. As a result, Section 46 was added to the new Act, which removed the Board from the control of all management Board Directives, unless Cabinet directed otherwise.


The Board will be exempt from all Management Board Directives. The Board will adopt the Management Board Directives, as guidelines only, where no policy or directive has replaced them.