Effective Dates

October 14, 1996 - May 31, 1999

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General Information

Under the Workers? Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, workers and employers have the right to appeal decisions made by the board, whether it pertains to a claim, an assessment matter or an occupational health and safety matter.

There are three distinct processes for appeal: one for a worker, a dependant of a deceased worker, or the worker's employer, one for employers appealing assessment decisions, and one for workers or employers appealing occupational health and safety decisions. The purpose of all three appeal processes is the same: to ensure that the decisions made by the board are fair, just and consistent with the legislation and policies under which they were made.

Appeals will be processed in a manner consistent with legislation, board policy and directives. Appellants shall be provided with the opportunity to state their case to the board in a free and uninhibited manner.

It is recognized that many people in the territory are functionally illiterate and this may limit their right to appeal a decision in writing. Despite any other section in this policy, the board may, if the board determines an appellant is functionally illiterate, accept substitutes for written notification of an appeal.

The decision of the Appeal Panel is final.


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Assessment Appeals

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