Role of the Customer Relations Representative

Role of the Customer Relations Representative

Effective Dates

August 28, 1995 - October 24, 1995

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General Information

During public consultation to develop the Workers' Compensation Act (1992), stakeholders felt that a position of Workers' Advisor should be established internal to the Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board. The purpose of the position was to "help WCB clients find their way through the system should they encounter difficulties. The position is not specified in the Act but it flows from its' intent to increase workers' access to the system." (Minister Responsible for Workers' Compensation, Hansard, April 27, 1992).

The position of Workers' Advisor was created in 1992 with an evaluation to be completed after two years of operation. During the evaluation concerns regarding access and understanding of the "system" for both workers and employers became evident. As a result the role was defined to include, facilitation of access to the Workers' Compensation system, increasing awareness/education, resolution of conflicts between the board and customers, advising customers of possible courses of action internal and external to the system, coordination of the Appeal process and representation of customers during an Appeal if the customer so wished.

The position of Customer Relations Representative does not remove any rights of the worker or employer to appeal decisions of the board. The position is intended to be utilized by all parties to resolve conflict situations before they escalate to the point at which a party elects to appeal.