T5007 income tax form

What is it?

The T5007 statement issued by WSCB reports all compensation benefits paid to you or on your behalf during the calendar year.

These benefits includes earnings loss benefits and survivor benefits.

When will I get my form?

We mail the forms in late February each year.

I thought benefits were not taxable, so why a tax form?

Though compensation benefits are not taxable, they might affect certain tax credit claims and payments. That’s why these benefits must be included as part of net income.

What do I do with the T5007?

The T5007 is an official income tax form and should be included with your other tax documents and provided to whomever completes your tax return.

Why did I receive a T5007 when I didn’t receive any payments from the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board during the year?

We always send the T5007 to the injured worker regardless of who receives the payments. Payments may be made to others under several circumstances.

  • Your employer may continue to pay your wages while you are receiving compensation. We then reimburse your employer for the wage-loss benefits you’ve received.

  • If payments are made to a trustee, a T5007 slip would have been issued in your name in care of the trustee. This also applies to any dependent spouse or child, because either is considered to be the primary payee.

Is my taxable income affected when benefits are paid directly to my employer?


Your employer is responsible for determining if or how the payments are recorded on your T4 slip. These amounts are dependent upon your particular employment arrangement.

Do dependent children receive a T5007 if they are entitled to a monthly allowance?

The benefits that dependent children receive are included in the guardian’s T5007.

Are payments for tuition and books included in T5007 slips for injured workers or dependent children?

No. These payments are considered expenses and are not included.

Does the T5007 include all payments received during the year?

No. Some benefits are considered expenses and are not included in Box 10 of the T5007. Some examples include:

  • clothing allowances
  • personal care allowances
  • interest payments
  • medical expenses
  • funeral expenses

Are lump-sum payouts of an annuity fund included in the T5007?


If you received a lump-sum payout, it will be included in the T5007 if it was paid directly to you (sums under $50,000). If the lump sum is paid to an investment company (sums over $50,000), the T5007 will be issued to the investment company.

What if there was an overpayment of benefits?

If there was an overpayment and it has been repaid to us, the amount on the T5007 reflects that repayment in the year it was made.

If the repayment relates to prior year’s benefits and exceeds the current year’s benefits, the excess will be applied to the previous year and you will receive an amended T5007. You should amend your income tax accordingly.

What do I do if I receive an amended T5007?

The amended T5007 should be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency along with a request for a reassessment for the year indicated on the T5007.

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