Return to the workplace

As the economy reopens, we are seeing businesses resume, stay-at-home restrictions lifted and workers return to physical workplaces.

Planning is essential to protect the health and safety of workers and the public. Your plan needs to identify the hazards related to COVID-19 and how you will manage the risks, such as using personal protective equipment (PPE) and physical distancing measures. See our web page on hazard assessment. Follow the orders and guidance issued by the Government of Yukon and the Chief Medical Officer of Health. 

As well, a plan for a safe return to the workplace needs to take account of the psychological well-being of workers. Naturally, returning to the workplace will be a source of anxiety: about the health and safety of an individual worker and of those they care about, and about balancing home and work responsibilities.

Yukon requirements

Businesses and services not mandated to close under the Civil Emergency Measures Act may operate on the condition that appropriate safety precautions are in place and a COVID-19 Operational Plan is set up. More information may be found on the Government of Yukon website. See Operating businesses safely during COVID-19

Our safety officers are available to review your operational plan. If you wish us to do so, email it to us

The Government of Yukon has published A path forward – Yukon’s plan for lifting COVID-19 restrictions, which describes a phased approach to lifting public health measures, while keeping individuals and communities safe and healthy.

Resources from other jurisdictions

Alberta: Guidance for reopening
British Columbia: BC’s Restart Plan
New Brunswick: Embracing the New Normal as We Return to Work
Quebec: COVID-19 Toolkit
Saskatchewan: Re-Open Saskatchewan

Other resources

Recovery Readiness: A How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

The Employer’s COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Playbook

We are here to help

We are available to help employers with their reopening efforts.

  • Safety officers are available for consultation and to visit worksites to assist with hazard assessment and control, upon request.
  • Safety officers can review COVID-19 operational plans.
  • This web page and the COVID-19 workplace health and safety page have appropriate information resources that we recommend you review, including new resources to support returning workers to the workplace.
Contact a safety officer for more information.