Reducing barriers between borders

Employers and workers can work between jurisdictions more easily, thanks to an agreement between Canadian provinces and territories. This means there is now an agreed-upon minimum requirement for items such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and first aid kits.

For example, a worker in northern British Columbia could use the same first aid kit and ear protection (that meets the agreed upon CSA standard) for work they do in the Yukon.

Work is underway and ongoing to include standards for other regulatory requirements.


In July 2015, the Council of the Federation (a congress comprised of Canada’s premiers) met and discussed internal trade and confirmed their commitment to working in areas of their own jurisdiction, such as workplace health and safety, to reduce technical barriers to trade between jurisdictions. 

In 2019, the Minister responsible for Yukon signed the national agreement that removed barriers to trade mobility. The agreement harmonized specific standards for personal protective equipment and first aid kits. 

Shortly after this, work began on a new agreement, starting with fall protection. The new agreement is called the Pan Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Agreement. It is meant to streamline the process for additional common standards to be added and provide certainty on what will be considered.
Harmonized regulatory requirements

The following CSA standards will be accepted in all jurisdictions. Anyone can view CSA standards for free if they sign up for CSA's communities of interest.


Head protection: CSA Z94.1 – 15 
Foot protection: CSA Z195 –14
Eye or face protection: CSA Z94.3 – 15
Hearing protection: CSA Z94.2 – 14 
First aid kit contents: CSA Z1220- 17 
Personal floatation devices and life jackets: Approved by either Transport Canada or an agency approved by Transport Canada

Fall protection

Energy/shock absorber: CSA Z259.11- 17
Full body harness: CSA Z259.10-18
Fall arrester: CSA Z259.2.4-15
Lanyard: CSA Z259.11-17
Self-retracting device: CSA Z259.2.2-17
Vertical lifeline: CSA Z259.2.4-15 (R2020)
Connecting component: CSA Z259.12-16