First aid

First aid in the workplace is necessary so that initial care can be provided to treat or lessen the impact of an injury.

Employers are responsible for first aid in the workplace. Employers can access our hazard assessment resources and refer to Part 18 (Minimum First Aid Requirements) of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations to ensure the workplace’s first aid attendants have the right level of certification, their first aid kits contain supplies needed for potential injuries, and that first aid services can be given without delays.

First aid certificates

The Workers' Safety and Compensation Board (WSCB) will recognize first aid certificates issued in compliance with CSA Z1210-17 First aid training for the workplace — Curriculum and quality management for training agencies. Anyone can view CSA first aid standards for free if they sign up for CSA’s communities of interest.

To find more information about first aid training agencies recognized by WSCB, download the WSCB recognized first aid training agencies list.

First aid kit requirements

You can find Yukon’s first aid kit requirements by reviewing Schedule 2 and 4 of Part 18 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

First aid kit contents may need to be supplemented with additional supplies, based on hazard assessment findings. This requirement can be found in section 18.02 of Part 18 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

First aid kit equivalencies

WSCB will accept any kit that matches the CSA first aid kit standards (CSA Z1220-17 First Aid Kits) or meets the minimum requirements in the Regulations. You can find more information on the minimum requirements in the section above. 

First aid kits from other jurisdictions (that meet the CSA standard) can also meet the requirements for Yukon. This is a result of the National Occupational Health and Safety Reconciliation Agreement, which reduces barriers for workers and employers who operate between jurisdictions.

The equivalency table below can be used for reference.

 Yukon        Alberta          British Columbia  CSA Standard                                
 Level 1  Number 1  Level 1*  Type 2: basic (any size)
 Level 2  Number 2  Level 2*  Type 3: intermediate (medium)
 Level 3  Number 3  Level 3*   Type 3: intermediate (large)

For example, WSCB accepts the Alberta number 2 kit as an equivalent to a Yukon level 2 kit, a British Columbia level 2 kit* as an equivalent to a Yukon level 2 kit, and a CSA type 3: intermediate (medium) as a Yukon level 2 kit.

BC kits may not include the following items (but must be included for use in the Yukon):
•    inventory of kit contents
•    waterproof waste bags

First aid record

Employers can use this first aid record template to ensure the contents of their records meet regulatory requirements.

To maintain compliance with Regulations, first aid records must:
•    be kept for at least three years after they are made;
•    be kept confidential and must not be disclosed except as permitted by these regulations or as otherwise permitted by law; and
•    be available for inspection by a safety officer.
More information about first aid record requirements can be found in section 18.14 of Part 18 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.