First line supervisor's certificate

The Workplace Health and Safety Regulations, Part 15, section 15.11 applies to all underground mine and diamond drilling operations and to surface mining operations or projects (including exploration) where there are 12 or more workers employed or where the Director of Workplace Health and Safety considers it necessary, regardless of the number of workers.

This certification is achieved through the successful completion of First Line Supervisor courses offered through Yukon University. These courses are aligned with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and contain the information needed to become a certified First Line Supervisor in the Yukon’s mining industry.

To obtain a First Line Supervisor certificate, register with Yukon University – Continuing Education.

Any questions or concerns about accessing the training for First Line Supervisor certification should be directed to Yukon University.

First Line Supervisor's Certificate from other jurisdictions

If you have a First Line Supervisor’s Certificate from another jurisdiction, you must re-certify in the Yukon.