April 2022 Policy Engagement

The views of our stakeholders are important to us. All feedback will be considered prior to the Board of Directors approving any amendments or revocatons. The deadline for providing feedback on the April policy amendment and revocation proposals is the end of April. Since the last day of April is on Sunday, the closing date is May 2, which is the next business day.

By the end of May 2022, a summary of all feedback on these policy amendment and revocation proposals will be published on our website.

Policy Amendment Proposals

EA-02 Employer Registration
EA-07 Super-Assessment
EA-10 Transfer of Employer Experience Account
EA-11 Mega Projects
EA-12 Security Deposits
EL-03 Payment of Interest on Compensation Benefits
EN-01 Arising Out Of and In The Course of Employment
EN-02 Merits and Justice of the Case
EN-04 Emergency Transportation
EN-05 Compensation for the Loss of Personal Property
EN-06 Hearing Loss
EN-07 Pre-Existing Conditions
EN-08 Gradual Onset Musculoskeletal Injuries
EN-10 Subsequent Inquiries, Disorders or Conditions
EN-11 Worker, Attendant and Witness Travel
EN-16 Recurrence of Injury
HC-01 Overview: Provision of Health Care Assistance
HC-02 Safe Use of Medications
HC-03 Physiotherapy
HC-04 Chiropractic Treatment
HC-05 Therapeutic Massage
HC-06 Activities of Daily Living
HC-07 Alternative Treatment
HC-08 First Nations or Inuit Traditional Healing
HC-09 Psychological Treatment 

Amendment Feedback Form

April 2022 Amendment Feedback Form

Revocation Proposal

EA-13 Taxi Cabs

Revocation Feedback Form

April 2022 Revocation Feedback Form