Release of Information

Release of Information

Effective Dates

June 30, 2008 - January 18, 2010

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General Information

On December 11, 2002, the Information and Privacy Commissioner notified the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB) that the YWCHSB is not a 'public body' within the meaning of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (A TIPP) and therefore is not subject to the jurisdiction of the AT/PP or the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Subsection 117(1) of the Workers' Compensation Act S.Y. 2008 (the "Act') prohibits members of the Board of Directors and any employee of the YWCHSB from divulging or allowing to be divulged any information obtained in the administration of the Act, except in the performance of their duties or under the authority of the YWCHSB.


This policy ensures that the YWCHSB responds to requests for the release of information in an appropriate and timely manner and in accordance with its legal responsibilities.

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