Mega projects

If you are planning a very big project, please contact us with the details.

Mega projects are lucrative and create a lot of jobs. But they are often short duration, high-risk ventures. Workers are paid well, and are out of work when the job’s done.

Mega projects pose a challenge to the workers’ compensation system, so we expect to be involved early in the planning process.

  • Mega projects don’t fit our insurance model, which averages costs and risks over a 10-year period and spreads them over whole industry groups through assessment premiums.
  • Workers often earn more than the maximum wage rate, so they’ll try to work through their injuries and then file claims once they are laid off.
  • Because the employment ends once the project is done, it is hard to reduce the claim duration.
  • And any leftover claim costs are carried by the long-term employers, who could see steep assessment rates for a decade after your project is gone.

Our policy is to work with you to minimize any impacts on our compensation system.

For more information, see Policy EA-11 Mega Projects.

Contact us and discuss your project with our Director of Assessments.