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Who needs to register a business
Purpose of registration
How and when to register
When you hire a contractor
When you close your business, cease operations or change ownership
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On this page, employers can find forms and information on how to register your new business with us —the Workers' Safety and Compensation Board—and what to do if you close your business or change ownership. Read about workers' compensation coverage options on our Coverage page.

Who needs to register a business

If you hire workers, you’re required by law to register with us and pay assessment premiums. This includes:

  • businesses with workers and/or contractors and subcontractors
  • corporations with directors and/or workers, see Directors' coverage page
  • proprietors or partners who hire workers
  • societies with workers

If you start business operations in Yukon, you must notify us within 10 calendar days of starting. Under the Workers' Safety and Compensation Act, an employer who fails to meet registration requirements may face administrative fees and interest charges.

Temporary coverage

You are not required to register with us if you are an out-of-the-Yukon employer and you bring your workers to the Yukon to temporarily operate here. “Temporary” means up to 10 cumulative calendar days in a calendar year.

Purpose of registration

By registering

  • employers and workers are protected against lawsuits relating to a work-related injury, and
  • workers who are injured at work are eligible to apply for compensation benefits.

How and when to register

Register for coverage by completing our registration form within 10 calendar days of starting or re-starting your business operations.

If you are a new employer, we may ask you to provide a security deposit when you register, in accordance to Policy 5.2 Security Deposits.

Information you need for registration

It’s important that you provide complete and accurate information on your registration form—it’s your legal responsibility. You need to provide the following information:

  • Complete legal name of your business, or if you are registering under a partnership or proprietorship, the legal names of the partners, and your business trade name, if you are using one;
  • Physical address, mailing address and contact information;
  • Federal business number;
  • The start date of operations (and workers) in Yukon;
  • An estimate of your payroll for workers and directors who report employment income on a Canada Revenue Agency T4 income tax slip; and
  • A list of contractors you plan on hiring for work in Yukon, work completed and the total contract amounts.

Calculation of assessment premiums

We calculate your assessment premiums based on your payroll in the industry you are operating in. There’s a minimum assessment premium. For more information about assessment premiums, see Rates and classifications.

After you have submitted your registration form, we assign you to an industry classification and send you an invoice for your assessment premiums. Your premium is based on your industry classification rate and your reported payroll.

When you hire a contractor

If you hire a contractor, they may be required to be registered with us and have coverage, depending on whether not they have workers.

Contractor with workers

A contractor or subcontractor who hires workers is required to register as an employer with us and pay assessment premiums for workers' coverage.

You (as the employer, or “principal”), the contractor and subcontractor are jointly responsible for any assessment premiums owed to us. A contractor that fails to register with us is liable for any assessment premiums and interest we charge for not meeting registration requirements.

Contractor without workers

A contractor or subcontractor who does not have workers, if eligible, may apply for Optional Coverage.

If a contractor or subcontractor, without optional coverage, does work for another registered employer, that employer (or principal) may be held responsible for the premiums associated with ensuring the contractor has coverage while working for them.

When you close your business, cease operations or change ownership

If you close your business or cease operations in Yukon, you must notify us within 10 calendar days of stopping. If you recommence operations, you must re-register.

If you sell or amalgamate your business, you must let us know right away.

More information

Contact us, we’re happy to help.