Annual report 2023 news release

Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board remains in strong financial position

The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board (WSCB) has released its 2023 annual report. It emphasizes our focus on working with stakeholders and community partners to foster a safer, healthier Yukon over the past year.

Despite environmental changes and shifting workplace dynamics, WSCB maintained a strong financial position and continued focus on workplace safety and prevention.

The funded position at the end of 2023 was 142% of our total liabilities, up from 131% in 2022. This increase is a result of strong investment returns in 2023.

Our robust financial position allows us to minimize rate fluctuations, protect against unexpected challenges and maintain stability during economic downturns.

WSCB aims to maintain its funded position between 121 and 129%, a range established through consultation with worker and employer stakeholder groups.


2023 was a year of resilience and growth for our organization, as we maintained a strong financial position while navigating an evolving economic landscape. Our focus on stakeholder engagement ensured we stayed connected and responsive to the needs of those we serve.
– Board of Directors Chair Mark Pike

Our commitment to continuous improvement guided our efforts in 2023. We're grateful for the trust and support of our community, which inspires us to keep striving for safer, healthier workplaces in Yukon.

– WSCB President/CEO Kurt Dieckmann

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