March 2022 Policy Engagement

The views of our stakeholders are important to us. All feedback will be considered prior to the Board of Directors approving any amendments or revocatons. The deadline for providing feedback on the March policy amendment and revocation proposals is March 31, 2022

By the end of April 2022, a summary of all feedback on these policy amendment and revocation proposals will be published on our website.

Policy Amendment Proposals

AP-04 Employer Access to Claim Information
CH-04 CHOICES Incentive Program
EA-08 Examination of Employer Records
EA-09 Employer Industry Classification
EA-15 Employer’s Notice of Injury
EL-04 Recovery of Overpaid Compensation
EL-06 End of Loss of Earnings Benefits
FA-01 Exemption from Government of Yukon Management Board Directives and Policies
FA-03 Budget and Organization Control
FA-05 Funding Policy
FA-07 Set Off and Write off of Debts
GN-01 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
GN-02 Illiteracy
GN-03 Role of the Medical Consultant
GN-04 Investigations and Fraud
GN-07 Negligence Cost Transfer
GN-08 Contracting
IN-01 Application of Policies
IN-02 Policy Development Process
IN-03 Transition Policy

Amendment Feedback Form

March 2022 Amendment Feedback Form

Revocation Proposals

FA-02 Accounting Policy
BD-01 Honoraria for the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board, and Members of the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal
BD-02 Travel (including rates in Appendix A)

Revocation Feedback Forms

FA-02 Revocation Feedback Form
BD-01 Revocation Feedback Form
BD-02 Revocation Feedback Form