Policy Library

Prior Policies


1.1    Application of Policies
1.2    Policy Development Process
1.3    Transition Policy

Claims for Compensation


2.1      Arising Out Of and In The Course of Employment
2.2      Merits and Justice of the Case
2.3      Pre-Existing Conditions
2.4      Adjudicating Psychological Injuries
2.5      Mitigation of Loss
2.6      Hearing Loss
2.7      Gradual Onset Musculoskeletal Injuries
2.8      Subsequent Injuries, Disorders or Conditions
2.9      Recurrence of Injury


Earning Loss Benefits

3.1      Loss of Earnings Benefits
3.2      Recovery of Overpaid Compensation
3.3      End of Loss of Earnings Benefits
3.4      Payment of Interest on Compensation Benefits

Permanent Impairment Benefits

3.5      Permanent Impairment

Retirement Benefit

3.6      Retirement Benefit

Loss of Personal Property

3.7      Compensation for Loss of Personal Property

Medical Benefits

3.8      Overview: Provision of Health Care Assistance
3.9      Safe Use of Medications
3.10    Physiotherapy
3.11    Chiropractic Treatment
3.12    Therapeutic Massage
3.13    Activities of Daily Living
3.14    Alternative Treatment
3.15    First Nations or Inuit Traditional Healing
3.16    Psychological Treatment 
3.17    Worker, Attendant and Witness Travel
3.18    Emergency Transportation

Return to Work

4.1      Return to Work – Overview
4.2      Duty to Co-Operate, Part 1 of 4: Early and Safe Return to Work Plans
4.3      Duty to Co-Operate, Part 2 of 4: Roles and Responsibilities
4.4      Duty to Co-Operate, Part 3 of 4: Functional Abilities
4.5      Duty to Co-Operate, Part 4 of 4: Penalties for Non Co-Operation
4.6      Employer’s Obligation to Re-Employ
4.7      Alternative Employment Comparable to Employment at the Time of the Work-Related Injury
4.8      Accommodating Work or a Workplace
4.9      Compliance with the Re-Employment Obligation
4.10    Re-Employment Penalties and Payments
4.11    Termination after Re-Employment
4.12    Re-Employment Provisions of Collective Agreements
4.13    Relocation of Workers
4.14    Vocational Rehabilitation 
4.15    Vocational and Academic Assistance for Surviving Spouse
4.16    Employment Readiness
4.17    Determining Suitable Employment and Loss of Earnings Capacity

Employer Assessments

5.1      Employer Registration  
5.2      Security Deposits
5.3      Employer Industry Classification
5.4      Reporting Payroll and Payment of Assessment Premiums
5.5      Coverage for Workers Outside of Yukon
5.6      Optional Coverage
5.7      Examination of Employer Records    
5.8      Super-Assessment
5.9      Transfer of Employer Experience Account
5.10    Negligence Cost Transfer
5.11    Mega Projects

Reconsiderations and Appeals

6.1      Reconsiderations
6.2      Employer Access to Claim Information

General and Administrative

7.1      CHOICES Incentive Program
7.2      Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
7.3      Investigations and Fraud
7.4      Role of the Medical Consultant
7.5      Illiteracy
7.6      Third Party Actions 
7.7      Exemption from Government of Yukon Management Board Directives and Policies
7.8      Employer’s Notice of Injury


8.1      Budget and Organizational Control
8.3      Funding Policy
8.4      Set Off and Write Off of Debts
8.5      Contracting
FA-04 Compensation Fund Investment Policy